Ideas for Collecting Donations

Here are some ideas to get your family, school or organization to the top of the highest donation amount list!


15 girls, ages 6-12, got together over Spring Break to make bracelets to sell for BIKE THE BASIN! Send and email to to find out how to get yours!
Rainbow Loom with a BTB twist!

CALL or EMAIL your family and friends and let them know you are participating in the BIKE THE BASIN fun!! Ask them to donate whatever money they can! The more friends and family you contact, the more support you will generate! Be sure to tell all family and friends that they can donate online (make sure they type in your family/group contact name!) or send a check to you AND encourage them to send the email to everyone they know! WOW!

Parents/group leaders can post the Bike the Basin link on FACEBOOK and let all of their “friends” know to go to the website and donate on their behalf – and encourage all those “friends” to post on their pages too!

The WHALEN FAMILY can help you recycle your old metal products AND raise funds for BIKE THE BASIN! They accept old computers, scooters, aluminum cans, OLD BIKES! the list goes on! Check out their website at for all the info!

Host a BAKE SALE at your home/church/business!.

Have a family GARAGE SALE and put out a DONATION JAR the day of the sale. Make a colorful poster advertising your participation in the BIKE THE BASIN event. You can also have a BAKE SALE the day of your garage sale and add the proceeds to your family total!

Host a CAR WASH at a local high traffic spot in your community! Make posters for the car wash to advertise your BIKE THE BASIN goal to win All Star Club status and/or the TROPHY. Decide on a fee per car OR just ask for a cash donation.

Collect your LOOSE CHANGE in the months and weeks leading up to the event. Have a container set aside in your house where you can put the loose change you find in your pockets, your cars, everywhere! Then take it all to a coin counter at your local bank… you’ll be AMAZED how much you’ll contribute to your family total!

Ask a FAVORITE RESTAURANT to host a special night where your family/group gets a percentage of the proceeds!

If you have a great fundraising idea to share, send an email to and it might get posted here!!!!!!

Ask your group or company to host a GOLF OUTING, or a DRESS DOWN DAY with proceeds going to BTB!

**PLEASE do NOT solicit donations from people you do not know! Be safe and only approach your friends and family! If you are hosting an event like a bake sale or car wash, etc MAKE SURE AN ADULT IS PRESENT!!!